California is ready to join the list of states in the US wherein cannabis could be sold with state- regulations and well-established market. This program is decided to be launched from 1st Jan and has very less time to ensure that the rules and regulations are well-defined for the sales to be legalized. Even then, the regulatory authorities have made an attempt to define certain rules and regulations which the seller and buyer are required to abide by while executing the sales procedure. Even after the disclosure of primary rules and regulations, there are many unanswered questions related to various parameters which would evolve over a period of time while executing the complete transaction. The unanswered questions are related to the product limit for purchase and consumption, restrictions to the seller for making the sales, testing of all the samples of the products introduced in the market, licenses given to the sellers for establishing their outlets, activities and rules and regulations during the transition period, and associated license fees for the annual license.

The state has revised the amount of the primary element in the cannabis product to be limited to 10 milligrams which cannot be more than 100 gm to be found in any sample of the product. This would be applicable even to the medical products and users which is normally allowed to be higher than the defined amount during the medical purpose usage. This is applicable to the edible product types and there would be different amount defined for the non-edible products like the concentrates and topical including the medicinal purpose usage. The person is allowed to consume 1,000 mg while using a single package of the product and while using it for the medicinal purpose the content could go up higher as much as double. There are restrictions put on the amount of the cannabis that any individual or a medical person can purchase during any particular day from a single retailer.

While defining the purchase limit, the state restricted the purchase limit for the adult be around 28.5 mg which could be of non-concentrated cannabis form; eight grams purchase can be made of concentrate form and has the permission to purchase six unripe plantations in any single day. The purchase limit for the medical patient is completely different and higher than the individual purchase limit. They have the permission to make a purchase of 228 gms of the product and could go higher than that but would require valid prescription form a certified doctor. The individual users don’t have the authority to give the products as part of the gifts or giveaways but the medical patients have the authority to do so.