Imagine you are texting your friend or a family member who is very close to you and if they did not revert you back just ignoring your message, how would you feel? Very frustrating, irritating? Isn’t it? To avoid such scenarios, Nick Herbert, a British man came up with the solution by developing an app called as ReplyASAP, that keeps on popping up a reminder tune until and unless you reply back.

But, continuous reminder sound may sometimes irritate you. Hence, users can find the other option where a message keeps on popping up on the user’s mobile screen interrupting the task he is currently performing.

Mr. Herbert’s son used to hang out with his friends for a long period of time and never responded to his dad’s messages. This irritated his dad and gave him an idea to develop this kind of application. Herbert says, “I was just thinking that I could get an idea how can I take control over my child. I thought of doing something that will make my son realize that I am somewhere around him.”

Herbert is not a professional app developer but he hired some developers who could develop an app for him. Hence, he came up with a ReplyASAP app that is already been rolled out for Android users. The app will be rolling out very soon for iPhone users.

Working on the application:

Parents have to download this app on their child’s smartphone. So, when the child accepts their request parents will be able to track the activities of their child and will be able to remind them to get back home soon. This is the magical app that keeps on popping the ASAP message over the screen even if your mobile phone is on silent mode.
On the other side, when the receiver receives the message and gets the popping up, they can either doze off the alarm for few minutes or click on the cancel button to shut down the alarm. Whatever the receiver does, the sender will get the notification for the same.

Although, teenagers find this app as irritating and disturbing it is more useful for their parents.