Teens have similar sedentary lifestyle as that of 60 years old


Teens have similar sedentary lifestyle as that of 60 years oldAccording to the latest study conducted by Vadim Zipunnikov, senior author of the study from the biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, teenagers and senior citizens in America have a similar lifestyle. The study included 12,500 participants of different ages who were asked to wear a physical activity tracking device. This device could make out why sedentary lifestyle of people keeps them inactive and eating for more hours a day. This problem usually takes place in teens and children. Most of the teens in the study had low levels of physical activity.

Zipunnikov came to the conclusion that more than 50 percent of girls, 25 percent of boys aged 6 to 11 and the older people do not get 60 minutes of physical activity. Similar thing happened with 75 percent of females and 50 percent of males having age between 12 to 19 years. While on the other hand, people who were in their 20s were physically active compared to adolescents. These were considered as most active among all the groups.

People above 35 have family responsibilities and work. As they get older they have many medical issues and chronic diseases that prevent them from being physically active. Zipunnikov said, “It was definitely a big surprise. Activity levels at the end of adolescence were alarmingly low.” “By age 19, they were comparable to 60-year-olds. We could start playing around with times of exercise”, he further added.

The 19-year-old and the 60-year-olds, both had a similar inactive and sedentary lifestyle. Children should perform moderate-to-vigorous exercise at least an hour a day, says World Health Organization (WHO). Similarly, low-intensity physical activity should also be encouraged, says Zipunnikov. The data estimated using the tracker provided useful insights into when people in different age groups were most likely to be active and sedentary.

The school timings of the teens may also be responsible for not getting as much exercise as needed because they are not getting enough sleep and are too exhausted to be physically active. Not getting enough sleep plays a major role in low levels of physical activity in children. For them, the main window for physical activity was in the afternoon between 2 pm to 6 pm.