Swimming would be risky immediately after drawing a tattoo


Swimming would be risky immediately after drawing a tattooNowadays people go crazy for making tattoos on their body parts. But, they are unaware that drawing tattoos could sometimes prove risky. A 31-year-old man went for swimming in warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico five days after making a tattoo of a religious cross and praying hands on his right calf. The tattoo got infected with the flesh-eating bacteria which caused his death. The case of man was detailed in the British Medical Journal which revealed the suspect of the Vibrio vulnific bug intricated by liver cirrhosis from years of heavy drinking. The man was advised to keep himself away from pools or oceans at least for a fortnight after having work done. The tattoo started deteriorated over two days before the man was hospitalized.

The man started experiencing minor fever and chills along with a rash close to the tattoo after swimming. The condition got worse over next two days before he was admitted to hospital. He developed sepsis in his right calf which turned purple by the time he was admitted to the hospital. As the wound was fresh, it immediately became contaminated with some flesh-eating bacteria that tore his skin and eventually led to death.

After two weeks, he was shifted on life support. His condition improved after two weeks but his body eventually yielded to septic shock that caused failure of his both kidneys. The nationality of man was not identified. Each year, it is estimated that vibriosis causes 80,000 illnesses and around 100 deaths in U.S.  Patients become infected by this bacteria after consuming raw or uncooked seafood or sometimes by exposing a wound to seawater. The infection started destroying the immune system of the man along with his other body parts.