Seven cases of potentially deadly virus dog flu can make your pet sick


Seven cases of potentially deadly virus dog flu can make your pet sickIn 2015, a virus has popped up in 10 states and has infected nearly 1,000 dogs in Chicago. Seven dogs in Florida have become susceptible to this deadly dog flu. This flu is highly contagious and can make the dog very sick which can even prove fatal. Most of the pet owners are unaware of this deadly flu. Animals suffered from H3N2 canine influenza virus that cannot infect humans, says experts from the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. As the virus is highly contagious, dogs may get infected after having a social contact with the infected dog in public areas like parks and grooming parlors. The infected canines are being treated at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, according to the health officials.

The dog flu has spread to other countries like Deland, Florida and Chicago as well. The spread of this flu could be controlled with the help of proper vaccination. The germs could spread up to 20 feet after the dog sneeze or a cough. Chandler Corsino, one of the dog owner said, “Because if one dog gets ill, then they all can get pretty sick and that’s kind of scary.” All the dogs are in stable condition. Although it could not spread in humans it could definitely infect cats. Most of the time it is not fatal but if it left untreated it could cause pneumonia. The symptoms of this disease include sneezing, frequent coughing, fever, lethargy and loss of appetite.

Dr. Michael Rumore from the Lake Seminole Animal Hospital said, “Pinellas County has thousands, 10’s of thousands of dogs per square foot. We are very dog-friendly. You can see dogs beaches, on restaurants and there’s dogs everything. So, this has the potential to be a really big deal here.” “Everyone out of five dogs who catch it will show no symptoms. But then, one out of 10 will get sick and some of them will get sick critically, probably lead to death”, he further added. We need to be very careful as the infection is highly contagious.