Google Earth Revamped for a Delightful Experience to its Users and it Seems to be True


Google Earth was launched by Google in 2014 and proved to be one of the most successful software for the company. Now, Google has decided to take this software to the next level and improvise the delightful experience of it users. Virtual Globe is the new future of this software and company is making extra efforts to make it more interesting and likable. Google had already introduced the Virtual-Reality Version of this software last year in October. On major change made to the software is, you don’t need to download the app now.

You can directly go to your Google chrome home page, put the URL and start exploring the earth. This facility was not available for the Chromebook users and other browsers. But after this change, the user can share the software and send their digital postcard through the android app to other. Google has also introduced a new feature to the Google Earth software. It is called “Voyager” which can be activated and utilized by clicking on the Ship Wheel icon. This feature would enhance the experience of the users by providing enhancing and detailed information required by the user.

In order to provide this new feature, Google had joined hands with two major companies like BBC Earth and DigitalGlobe. Voyager would act like a mixture of Wikipedia and Google for the users wherein the user not only get the answer for their findings but also some detailed description about the findings. For example, if a user wants to find out the endangered species in particular country, the Google Earth app would not only show the destinations where these endangered species are found but also provide detailed description about the species.

Currently, Google has updated fifty voyager stories to the application and expecting to add more stories every week. One more feature added is the “Itineraries” which acts as a tour guide for any city to the user. With these two features like Itineraries and Voyager Google is constantly enhancing the experience of the users and the user can explore any location on the globe in depth with detailed description about the location. Technological giants are still very far away from Photorealism which would change the way things seems to be currently.

Google Earth provides us a unique picture of the planet earth and with these enhanced features it looks like it would be worth spending some time on this application for exploration.