Study reveals cancer and depression drugs could slow down dementia


According to the recent study, researchers say drugs developed to treat cancer and depression could be helpful in treating dementia and other degenerative brain diseases. Trazodone drug act as an antidepressant and dibenzoyl methane as anti-cancer that reduced the brain shrinkage in mice. The drug is proven safe for human beings. On mice, the drug was effective but its effectiveness on a human is yet to be tested. The drugs were responsible for blocking an important pathway linked to brain cell death caused by prion disorders such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and dementia.

Professor Giovanna Mallucci from the Medical Research Council’s Toxicology Unit in Leicester and Cambridge University said, “Trazodone is now safe to use in humans, so a clinical trial is now possible. In coming two or three years we could know whether this approach can slow down disease progression, which would be a very exciting first step in treating these disorders.”

He further added: “We carried out an experiment by giving trazodone drug to a patient suffering from advanced dementia. We need to work further to see whether it slow down the illness.” However, the drug works well when given to a patient who is at the last stage of dementia. “Even if the experiment gives a positive result it could neither act as a cure for degenerative diseases nor it will reverse the course of illness”, said Neuropathologist Dr. Payam Rezaie, from the Open University. But it could be a significant step forward to halt these diseases in their tracks, he added.

David Cameron, former prime minister of UK asked for more subsidy this year to fight against dementia. Two years before he said he would 300 million on the research by 2025. Many deaths in England and Wales occur due to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, stated the officer at National Statistics.