An Adored Polar Bear In A Utah Zoo Has Been Euthanized After Kidney Failure Diagnosis


Rizzo, an adored 19-year-old polar bear surviving in Utah’s Hogle Zoo suffered from the kidney failure. The polar bear who lived in a zoo since 2012 died last Saturday. She was declared as dead after the veterinarians noticed her condition and said that she was not able to eat properly. Her condition got lethargic, according to the Care teams who ran the test.

They performed various test using abdominal ultrasound and also conducted an endoscopic exam for dragging the blood in the bear’s upper gastrointestinal tract. After doing this they came to know that she was suffering from renal failure. Renal failure is a terminal condition that is very common among polar bears.

“These decisions are not taken lightly at the zoo. As soon as they came to know that she was not eating properly we made a difficult decision”, said Erica Hansen, a spokeswoman said. “Renal failure is incurable so making the animal comfortable remains the only solution”, the zoo wrote in a Facebook post. Many photographs and condolences are being posted on Facebook. “She passed away peacefully, without any pain. Your words of support, photos and memories mean more to us than you know. Thank you so much for sharing your stories.”

The bear was treated by flushing her entire body with fluids. Social media pages are flooded with concerned messages and photos. Polar bears can survive for 30 long years but their average life expectancy is generally between 15 and 18 years. Hansen said, “Some of those experiences of Rizzo are so great that are really going to leave a hole in the community.”