Comcast Wants To Be Your New Cell Phone With Unlimited Data Plans


Comcast, the largest broadcasting and cable television company would be selling cell phone plans called Xfinity Mobile with two wireless plans. Customers will get benefited with unlimited data, voice calls and texts for $45 to $65 a line per month. It will also allow users to surf the Web, watch videos and listen to streaming music without paying for the cellular data. It will save money especially of those who don’t use the data much. This service will be available this year, according to the Comcast. It is also going to provide 16 million public WiFi hotspots for connectivity.

Comcast with the help of Xfinity mobile is going to expand the traditional cable service by adding the fourth additional service along with residential Internet, landline phone service and cable television. This four lines will all together cost $65 for a monthly subscription whereas Verizon service costs $80. There is another monthly plan of $45 that will be provided to the customers who subscribe for Comcast’s Xfinity Premier Double Play or Triple Play.

Comcast is definitely going to be the boon as it has built a wireless powerhouse. It will initially require customers to buy phones through the company. It will provide Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhones initially. Customers can buy the phone immediately by giving the whole cash at a time or can also pay the cost through monthly installments. Its pay-per-gigabyte scheme is similar to that of Google’s Google Fi. Those who are already the Comcast customers need not pay extra for a credit check for Xfinity Mobile and any billing and shipping information will be pre-populated in Comcast’s online sign-up forms. Mike Cavanaugh, Comcast’s chief financial officer said, “The plans that we are offering are quite simple to a digital-first experience, which is going to be at a very efficient cost to serve, as well.”