One Of These Four Objects Found Could Be Planet 9


Astronomers from Australian National University (ANU) have shocked the world by stating that there are 4 objects out of which 1 could be the 9th planet. They are still investigating for the elusive planet Nine. These heavenly body found is much bigger in size than the Earth. Researchers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown say that the size of planet nine would be about the size of 10 Earths or 1 Uranus. The search was conducted for three days using information from the SkyMapper telescope published on the science crowdsourcing site Zooniverse. They captured hundreds of thousands of images with the help of a telescope.

These four heavenly bodies are more likely to be comets or asteroids than being a new planet. So even if these objects do not turn out to be the new planet, they would still be useful for further studies. Astronomers are going to reveal more information about this planet once they complete their investigation. The lead researcher, Dr. Brad Tucker, said by March 31, about 60,000 people from around the world had classified over four million objects in space, as part of the citizen search for Planet Nine. They have found minor planets Chiron and Comacina which gives them the idea that could help in finding planet Nine.

Dr. Tucker said, “We’ve managed to rule out a planet about the size of Neptune being in about 90 percent of the southern sky out to a depth of about 350 times the distance the Earth is from the sun.” One of the volunteers from the research, Toby Roberts has made 12,000 classifications. While Planet Nine had not been found, it seemed very interesting and great fun to share the search with all of the volunteers over the past three night, said Chris Lintott from Zooniverse and the University of Oxford.