Maximum Kids Who Died Because Of Flu Weren’t Vaccinated


If children and teenagers are vaccinated properly against the flu yearly, then the death rate would eventually decrease, a new US government study says. Most children have died in recent years because they were not properly vaccinated against the virus. It is found that around three-quarters of the US kids died between 2010 and 2014 because they were left unvaccinated.

The study carried out for deaths due to various diseases highlights the importance of annual influenza vaccination for children and teenagers, especially for those underlying high-risk medical conditions, said the report, authored by the CDC’s Dr. Alicia Fry and colleagues. Vaccination is must for the children with severe complications and influenza-associated deaths. Kids who are pretty healthy can also become severely ill with the flu and even suffer from the disease like pneumonia, heart disease, diabetes and sickle cell anemia.

The CDC has estimated that around 4,000 to 50,000 people die from flu each year, depending on the deformation of virus that is circulating. Pediatricians from the US are worried because popular needle-free vaccination – the nasal FluMist is still not made available in the US. Children vaccinated with flu shots have a much lower chance of getting the flu even in years when the vaccine isn’t as effective.

Some people in the US say that the flu shot doesn’t work. Flannery was agreed to the statement because she thought this might be due to uncertainty about what the flu is. Some people gets confused and thinks it is a common cold or a stomach infection. If they fall ill with those infections after getting a flu shot, they think the vaccine didn’t work. Some parents worry about the vaccine’s safety, hence, Flannery emphasized that it is recommended for those with high-risk medical conditions because it is safe. She further added the vaccination of the flu can also prevent hospitalizations, time off from work for parents, and a whole lot of misery for kids. In the United States, October through April is generally the season for flu.