Twitter Makes Changes In Its 140-Character Limit


On Thursday, Twitter has announced 140-character limit for social media posts. Since now tweets are limited to 140 characters, it has become a go-to source for news and quick bits of information. But simultaneously, it became difficult to reply to posts and complicated multi-person information. While replying to someone’s tweet, their username won’t count against your 140-character limit.

This move was much awaited, but some people knew when it would happen. Twitter made an announcement last May that it would be making changes that would let people use more of their assigned 140 characters per Tweet for the content they would be choosing instead of an infrastructure of the Twitter. This change was reported much earlier when Twitter stopped counting media like images and links against character limit, although the username rule has taken a bit longer to implement.

With this change made on Thursday, Twitter is also renovating the way it displays reply tweets on its mobile phones and web platforms. When you’re replying to a person, their username will be displayed above the text of the tweet with a long reply thread that would be much easier to read. Users will “actually see what people are saying, rather than seeing lots of @usernames at the start of a Tweet,” Twitter explained in a blog post.

Twitter’s limit for cellphone SMS text messaging allowed 160 characters per message. But now 140 characters seems likely to have been intended to be 140+ usernames. Today’s change is going to prove a boon for those who reply to tweets. It also means a change of interface for Twitter users, information about to whom you are replying now will appear above a tweet, rather than within it, something that should make understanding the flow of conversation easier in multi-party Twitter conversations.

All these changes made will bring a positive development that will enable improved communication between different users on Twitter making twitter chats more comfortable and understandable.