High-intensity interval training boon for fighting the cellular aging process in elderly


The elderly people who do high-intensity workouts have shown the low cellular level aging process as compared to the moderate exercisers. The interval training also improves the mitochondrial functioning. Mitochondria are the energy providers of the body.High-intensity interval training boon for fighting the cellular aging process in elderly

The conducted study and its outcomes

The study involved 72 participants among which some were younger and some were older. Dr. K. Sreekumaran Nair and his team divided these participants into three groups based. One group consisted of individuals performing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 3 days a week. The second group carried out the moderate aerobic exercise 5 days per week. The third group carried out strengthening exercises two days a week.

After completion of 12 weeks, the third and the second group have shown significant improvement in the muscle strength. While the first high-intensity interval group have shown a better mitochondrial functioning, which was more prominent in elderly people.

HIIT can reverse the aging process

According to the study results, young people have shown 49 percent boost in their mitochondrial activity and older people have shown and incredible 69 percent boost in their mitochondrial functioning. Apart from this, there was also the significant reduction in the risk of diabetes by improving the insulin activity.

Hence, Dr. Nair concluded that HIIT has played a major role in reversing the aging process as compared to the aerobic and strength exercises.

However, the elderly people leading a sedentary lifestyle should not immediately start doing vigorous exercises. During initial stages, they should discuss with their doctors and start with moderate exercises like walking.

Those people who cannot perform high-intensity exercises should at least walk for 40 minutes every day or make use elliptical machines.

The Mayo clinic has listed the advantages of interval training which are as follows:

  • It burns many calories since high-intensity exercises are performed
  • It boost the cardiovascular health by improving the aerobic capacity

The results of the study have been discussed in the journal Cell Metabolism.