The coke products like Sprite and Fanta can be poisonous, declares the court


A High Court judge in Lagos, Nigeria has announced that beverages like Sprite and Fanta include ingredients that can be deadly.The coke products like Sprite and Fanta can be poisonous, declares the court

Warning labels will be seen soon on Fanta and Sprite bottles

Justice Adedayo Oyebanji has told Nigerian Bottling company to place warning labels on Fanta and Sprite bottles in Nigeria. This labels will inform customers about their poisonous contents.

The court said that high concentration of food additives and benzoic found in soft drinks may pose threat to the health when they get mixed with Vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid.

The U.S. Food and Drug administration has claimed that benzene which is the carcinogenic substance can be formed when benzoic acid and ascorbic acid mix up.

The goods not good for export

The hubbub over the safety of the Nigerian Sprite and Fanta has begun with the lawsuit filed by businessman Emmanuel Fijabi Adebo.

The Fijabi Adebo Holdings Limited has made an effort to export the soft drinks to the UK. Unluckily, the authorities were condemned and gradually destroyed the shipment because the test revealed that such things are harmful for human consumption.

The high concentrations of benzoic acid, food colors and food additives found in beverages was so high that UK health authorities have issued an alarm when these get combined with ascorbic acid.

NBC lawyers also said that these products are not meant for export purpose but the judge opposed this comment.

The judge said: “Soft drinks developed by Nigeria Bottling Company does not seem to cause more harm for human consumption apart from color or type.”

Coca-Cola renounces the claims that Fanta and Sprite soft drinks are not good for consumption when they mix up with vitamin C. The company said that they care about their customer’s safety and strictly follow the regulations in the nations where these drinks are exported.

“As per the local guideline, the levels of these ingredients may vary according to the national scale, our beverages abide by the CODEX Alimentarius range,” the company claim.

As per these rules, NBC and NAFDAC are disobeying them.