Apple buys Workflow, which is an automation tool that will be freely available to all


Apple, the giant tech firm, has officially purchased an automation tool called Workflow for an unrevealed sum on Wednesday, March 22. The tool will allow users to automate tasks, functions and various functions by combining them together with different apps.Apple buys Workflow, which is an automation tool that will be freely available to all

Apple purchases Workflow

Workflow is the simpler thing that iOS has as customization options one can get on a full-fledged desktop PC or Mac and presently Apple has bought it.

Apple has chosen to keep Workflow up on its Apple App Store and has planned to make it freely available, removing its $2.99 price tag that was present earlier.

“The Workflow app was chosen for an Apple Design Award in 2015 due to its excellent use of iOS accessibility features, specifically an outstanding implementation for VoiceOver with labeled items, thoughtful hints and drag/drop features. It will make the app quite usable and beneficial for visually challenged people or those with low-vision,” Apple reported to TechCrunch.

What is Workflow app?

Workflow which was launched in 2014, is almost similar to famous automation app IFTTT, which allows users cook up “recipes” that automatically activate certain tasks when specific criteria are not met. For instance, users can select a recipe that’ll set their Android wallpaper to NASA’s photo of the day, record texts on Google Sheets, or upload Instagram photos to Twitter automatically.

Workflow has received an Apple Design Award in 2015, with Dean Hudson, Apple’s Accessibility engineer, appreciating the easy accessibility of the app, as TechCrunch reports.

Why Apple’s Workflow acquisition is crucial?

One can only think about how Apple will leverage Workflow into various services, like the voice-enabled virtual assistant, Siri, which needs a push to stand out among all the virtual assistant available in the market.

How exactly it will integrate Apple and Workflow is still one big question which is not yet answered. Workflow is easily available on the App Store, now for free.