Amazon Alexa will support Prime Now 2-hour delivery service: Order it and it will at your door steps


After launching its virtual assistant to the Amazon app for iOS, currently the Amazon is widening the functionality of Alexa by providing support for Prime Now deliveries via Amazon’s Echo line of smart speakers.

Alexa support Prime Now orders

Users who have subscribed to the Amazon’s Prime Now service can order it, a two-hour delivery service via Alexa, alongside its newer alcohol delivery service. This latest functionality will be supported in cities where it is available. It will make instant purchases more hassle free.

Compatible Echo and Alexa devices

The company says that Prime Now deliveries will be available on Echo, Echo Dot, Tap, Fire Tablet and Fiore TV devices. Users can also give bulk order and the virtual assistant, Alexa can provide recommendations to go with the orders. The product will be delivered within two hours after placing the order.

Prime Now allow users “refill everyday essentials” when running low on supply, such as diapers, detergent, toilet paper and other household items.

Prime Now is currently available only in 30 cities and the alcohol delivery service is more limited, available in only three cities namely Seattle, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

How to place order with Prime Now with the help of Alexa

Placing orders through Prime Now on compatible Alexa-enabled devices is very easy. Just say “Alexa, order [product name] from Prime Now.” Alexa will then go through the list of recommendations within the Prime Now list and, once users confirm, the order will be placed.

It is necessary that users should be subscribed to Prime Now service to take advantage of 2-hour delivery service. In the case of alcohol deliveries, users need to provide an ID or verify their age during delivery.

Amazon Prime presently has an estimated “tens of millions” customers. Prime comes with a handful of advantages, like Prime Video, its on-demand video streaming service replete with original content; Prime Music; access to ebooks; and free of cost shipping for various devices. It will cost you $99 per year.