Lockheed Martin will launch first ever most powerful laser weapons


The United States Army is preparing to launch a small-sized but most powerful laser weapon system. Lockheed Martin announced that it has finished its system design, development and demonstration of the laser weapons.

The press release declaring this step was published on March, 16. The laser weapon system is one of the most powerful weapons and could be used by the Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command in Huntsville, during one of the following months.

Powerful laser weapon system will be launched soon

The weapon is a beam along with fiber laser, which says that it combines together individual lasers that are produced by fiber optics to develop one powerful laser beam. In this manner, the system produced will be very powerful, depending on the number of fiber laser subunits that it includes.

Lasers are most effective complementary weapons to kinetic weaponry on the battlefield. They have the ability to provide more protection against defense threats, ranging from drones to mortars and rockets.

Lockheed Martin novel laser weapons

The Lockheed Martin team has developed laser beam that was “diffraction-limited”. This indicates that the beam was very near to reaching the physical limits of focusing its energy capacity toward one tiny, single spot. The system also performed well in testing, as it was able to translate more than 43 percent of the electricity that powered it, into the laser beam that was emitted.

It is surprising to know that, Lockheed Martin does not just create laser-based weapons. In February, NASA and Lockheed initiated the testing of X-Plane based on the Quiet Supersonic Technology. The testing includes a 9 percent scale model of X-Plane and the tests also involve an 8-by 6-foot wind tunnel, which is stationed at the Glenn Research Center and makes a perfect candidate for the tests of this prototype.