A Well-known Torrent Website Mininova Will Shut Down For Good


The well-known Torrent website Mininova is set to shut down for good. The site’s forums will shut down immediately as per the announcement made on a file-sharing website. Mininova itself will quit existing from the beginning of this April.

Mininova: Well-known Torrent Website

Mininova was one of the biggest torrent websites on the internet. When its famous predecessor, Suprnova, bit the dust in December of 2004, a big gap was noticed as far as torrent resources were concerned, and soon various other sites arose to fill the gap.

Five Dutch students came together to start Mininova, which was initially supposed as a hobby project. Later on, the website became famous, and became the biggest BitTorrent site globally, earning millions of dollars. The size and its scope soon captured the attention of copyright owners, who joined forces with the Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN.

Imminent Mininova Shutdown Declared

The operators of Mininova have declared to shut down the site, citing a want of sustainability in the prevailing scenario. A notice was posted in the header section of the site which is as follows:

“Mininova is shutting down. On April 4th, 2017 Mininova.org will be closing down. After April 4th, 2017 content distribution torrents will no longer be available. Uploaders are expected to make copies of their content.”

Mininova co-founder Niek said that the group decided to shut down the site as it has been losing money for many years. Niek expressed his thanks and appreciation for users of the Mininova.

“The kind support from our users was very amazing to experience, millions of people across the globe used this site on a day-to-day basis and we received many emails per day — such as a simple ‘thank you’ to some extended story describing how a particular upload made their day,” said the site partner.

The previous year proved to be a particularly volatile year for the torrent, with the shutdown (and later return) of ranked 1 torrent site Kickass Torrents as well as top 10 sites Torrenthound and famous meta the ever-growing file-sharing environment these days.