Wireless technology has the power of seamlessly charging up electronic gadgets. This flow of electricity appears to be as easy as the flow of data.

Technology geeks have been waiting for updates in wireless charging technology and will be amused to learn that Disney’s living room prototype furnishes just that kind of power.

Disney Research has delivered scientific and technological innovation. This prototype has the capability to provide wireless charging everywhere to all the devices present in the room.

How Does The Tech Work?

Disney’s living room system places aluminum panels across walls and ceiling’s and a long copper pole is placed in the middle of the room, which has a ring of capacitors. Due to this entire room is equally filled with the magnetic field.

The capacitors present inside the copper pole are connected to a single generator placed outside the room- it releases tone of a particular frequency. Experts revealed that the system is based on quasistatic cavity resonance (QSCR) which produces the magnetic field.

How is it beneficial?

A room equipped with such technology would be able to charge various devices, such as smartphones, lamps, fans, and an RC car simultaneously irrespective of their position inside the room.

Disney Research claimed that several experiments were conducted with this prototype and the technology has the ability to deliver power to small coil receivers which can be present at any corner of the room.

Also, the power would not be blocked by any furniture in the room.

Safety Issues

The technology is still in its initial stages and would need a lot of trial and error before being released publicly.

The researchers have said that it is recommended to remain at least 0.46 meters away from the copper pole, as the human body does not have the ability to absorb harmful levels of energy.

Disney Research has stated that 1,900 watts are the desirable power limit and that too if the same magnitude is being used by other devices in the room.